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Eric Reenstierna Associates, LLC is a real estate appraisal firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Eric Reenstierna, MAI, is the office's principal and is a commercial real estate appraiser. The office takes on valuation and consultation assignments in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and New England. The firm employs appraisers with specialties in industrial, office, apartment, retail, and other commercial properties, as well as land, school, church, and special use property.

Eric Reenstierna, MAI, is a member of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. His articles have appeared in
 The Appraisal Journal, Banker & Tradesman, and other industry publications. He is the 1996 recipient of the Appraisal Institute's Armstrong Award for "Risk Assessment" in the July, 1996, issue of The Appraisal Journal.

24 Thorndike Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141-1164
Phone: (617) 577-0096
Fax: (617) 577-0196


  • market value appraisal
  • contamination valuation (loss in value)
  • divorce and estate appraisal
  • lease arbitration
  • portfolio valuation
  • court testimony
  • valuation of industrial buildings with the Baseline Map and Model


Analysts at Eric Reenstierna Associates, LLC offer expertise in the analysis of a broad range of property types in Greater Boston and New England:

  • offices and office towers
  • special use properties (school; church)
  • industrial buildings and industrial land
  • vacant land (subdivision; conservation; timber land)
  • apartment and condominiums
  • retail
  • gas station, restaurant


Staff and colleagues have contributed in recent years to the firm's newsletter, The Reenstierna Associates Report:

  • Sharon Anderson, Principal, Anderson Development Group
  • Derek Cavanaugh, Principal, Hart Street Associates
  • Daniel Clifford, MAI, Principal, Clifford Associates
  • Jeffrey Garner
  • Richard Graf, RA
  • Jose Guzman
  • Stephen M. Post, Principal, Stephen M. Post and Associates
  • Eric T. Reenstierna, MAI
  • James H. Symington, MAI, Principal, Real Property Valuators
  • William T. Whiting, Jr.


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"An Argument for Establishing a Standardized Method of Capitalization Rate Derivation"
The Appraisal Journal
- Fall 2008 - The article discusses problems with present methods of cap rate calculation and proposes a solution.
The Appraisal Journal, Fall 2008

The Appraisal Journal, July 1997

"Industrials: The Baseline Method"
The Appraisal Journal - July 1997 - The article discusses an automated valuation model for industrial buildings in Greater Boston.

"Risk Assessment"
The Appraisal Journal - July 1996 -The article discusses information and analyses that appraisers can provide in addition to standard valuation. The article won the Appraisal Institute's Armstrong Award for Best Article in 1996.
The Appraisal Journal, July 1996

The Appraisal Journal, April 1988

"The Abutter Approach"
The Appraisal Journal - April 1988 - The article discusses method of estimating the value of a property to its abutters.

"Alternatives to Point Estimates"
The Appraisal Journal - January 1985 - The article discusses more complete methods of describing value than expression as a single number.
The Appraisal Journal, January 1985

The Baseline Model

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