Recent Work


We share non-confidential information with our clients and other appraisers.  A list of our recent work tells what information we are likely to have at hand.  Clients should feel free to contact us for preliminary data.  Information of this kind can be useful in making initial evaluations for future loans and acquisitions.

These are among the assignments we have taken on in the past year:


  •   offices on Route 128 from Gloucester to Quincy

  •   YMCA re-use study

  •   D’Angelo’s and other net leased properties

  •   shopping center with Shaw’s anchor

  •   multi-family, bank branch, and self-storage redevelopment sites

  •   Best Buy store

  •   government land acquisitions, including eminent domain

  •   biotech labs

  •   apartments and subsidized housing

  •   schools, places of worship, and day care centers

  •   abandoned roads

  •   gas stations from Boston to Route 495

  •   Bayside Exposition Center

  •   a hospital and a race track, for re-use

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